Important Events

  1. God gave this land: this land was given to us by His Grace, at a price unheard of, with smooth city approval for a special usage. We can see God’s hand in the entire process.
  2. December 1995: HCC members overwhelmingly supported the purchase of 39 acres of land in Missouri City for $286,305 which equated to $0.17 per square foot.
  3. How did we come across the land:
    • Initially HCC was investigating 13 acres tract opposite the current site.
    • On August 11th Pastor David K Chan went to the site to pray for guidance and saw the “For Sale” sign for 39 acres selling for $286,306.
    • The land was in the 500 year flood zone. Someone had put earnest money down before us, but they were turned down by the owner because they wanted to perform a 120 day feasibility study. The owner accepted our proposal.
    • FBCC was granted a Special Use Permit (SUP) in the Missouri City Council Meeting in spite of many other requests to change zoning and usage were declined in the past.